How to improve your CV

There are multiple ways how to attract your future employer, and how to improve your chances of getting hired or getting a contract.


Having an organized CV is your first step. Begin with your name, your title, and ways of contacting you. Pointing out a preferred way to be contacted is important if you are traveling between countries and phone might not work best and therefore email would, skype would.

The core of your CV is to mention your previous employers, your skills, your own projects, education (which might be not only school you attended, but also books you read or sources of your inspiration).

Make sure to write down about 3 problems (challenges) you have faced per company and, how you solved them. This is an important part of your resume, important to nail down correctly and be ready to be asked for during the interview. Also, mention the tools or technologies you used per company or project.


If you are serious about the company, writing a letter is a good way to show it. Describe what you like about the company, what are your qualities and, why you think they should choose you.

Think about it this way. The company may receive tens of good candidates via their CV. Not everyone is having the same motivation, spark, energy, or drive as you may have. It is not only your experience and knowledge that counts. If there are 10 candidates but only 2 wrote a letter, you might find yourself in a much better starting position.


The activities you do in the company are the same important as activities you do outside. Have a personal website. Write a blog. Read books. Practice your knowledge by creating your own projects. There are many ways, as many you can imagine.

Any extra effort is good. As an example, I provide you a programmatic CV I created in the past.

The first image represents the code, the second the result. You may click on them to see them in full size.

code output