The books I can recommend

Nowadays workflow sounds very straightforward. You think about the problem, if you know how to solve it, you solve it immediately. In case you don't know, you use Stackoveflow or Google the answer to your question.

So why read books, you might ask? In order to Google and to find the answer, you need to be at least aware of the topic. You need to know what kind of question to ask. You need to know what to look for.

Sometimes the solution might be easy to find. You Google somewhere in the beginning of the unknown, and down the chain you find what you needed.

Books have one big benefit for you. They are an organized group of many topics. Mastering those topics can expand your area of knowledge, make your searching for answer more efficient. You shall become better at solving problems, aware of new practices and techniques, and therefore can not only provide a better solution, but find a solution in the first place.

I am not a vivid book reader, I confess. There is a number of books I read and they were indeed helpful. Below you may find some books I read. One group is Nodejs and Javascript which is my nowdays focus. Second group of books is Ruby/Rails, my back in the day area. Every book I list I can recommend and you might expect something to learn. Each book is clickable, a link, (coming soon) that will guide you to the article of that book, where will be explained what can you expect to learn from that particular book.

Nodejs and Javascript


Final notes

To write a book takes time and it's hard to keep them up-to-date. Luckily, some knowledge you learn last. Book can show you practices or principles that are unchanged for long time. They can also help you to remind or practice your knowledge too.

In this list of books I mentioned, it is hard to pick a winner. Everyone looks for something different, a writing style, a knowledge to learn, etc.

If I had to chose one book from each category not to miss, I would choose: